Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does a faith-friendly workplace culture mean?
    In this respect, faith-friendly means teammates can express their faith and faith customs at the workplace. They can form employee groups to participate in religious studies, prayer groups, mentorship, and charitable activities.
  1. Is it legal to develop a faith-friendly workplace culture in public and private companies?
    Yes. As long as you follow EEOC regulations.
  1. Is it legal for non-profit organizations to develop a faith-friendly workplace culture?
    Yes. Any profit or non-profit organization can develop a faith-friendly workplace.
  1. How can we get started in transforming our culture?
    • Try to attend a t-factor workshop. They are free of charge and usually run three-quarters of a day. We will share strategies we have used to help transform Coca-Cola Consolidated’s workplace culture to grow responsibly and attract, motivate, and retain successful teammates.
    • Review the t-factor web-site for information and videos regarding the transformation process.
    • Get your organizational stakeholders on board.
    • Get your leaders and teammates on board as you develop your transformation plan. Reference the 7 Critical Steps for Transformation on this web-site.
    • Consider using outsourced services from support organizations.
  2. How can we talk with a t-factor representative?
    Email us at or call our hot-line at 704-557-4879