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The t-factor Leadership Initiative inspires, equips and activates leaders to influence the transformation of employees, and your organization.  As you transform your organization, you become part of a community working together to build a better workplace and leaving a legacy that honors God.

As believers, it can be difficult to balance our devotion to God and our role as corporate leaders. t-factor was born out of the desire that the leadership at Coca-Cola Consolidated had to share their approach to building a God-honoring, purpose-driven corporate culture. The goal was also to partner with other companies whose leaders have a desire to build a purpose-driven corporate culture. These partnerships would allow for a collective movement of companies with a mutual understanding and commitment to building God’s kingdom, by stewarding the resources He has entrusted to them.

t-factor provides leadership experience that activates corporate leaders to build purpose-driven cultures, and develop people who seek Him, connect with their purpose, and serve and care for each other. Through virtual and semi-live events, online resources and networking with like-minded companies, t-factor’s partners will be equipped, empowered and inspired to implement a purpose-driven corporate culture.

We believe that God has the power to transform individuals, organizations, and the world if the leaders are bold enough to create a faith-friendly, servant based and purpose-driven work environment. Start building a lasting legacy by transforming your workplace culture and providing great benefits for your employees and your organization.

Our Purpose

“To transform workplace cultures around the world for good, for God, for growth.”



Purposeful leaders are focused and determined to achieve a purpose.


Servant leaders are focused on others, they are humble, encouraging, inclusive, good listeners, and have foresight.


Inspirational leaders are exciting, encouraging, and motivate others to action.


Educational leaders provide systematic instruction to increase the knowledge and skills for others.


Credible leaders are ethical, trustworthy and believable.


Frank Harrison

Chairman & CEO
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Dave Katz

President & COO
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Morgan Everett

Vice Chair
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Dave Greenberg

Vice President
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Brent Tollison

Senior Vice President
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Mark Whitacre

Vice President
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Josh Dorminy

Executive Vice President
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Larry Griffith

Corporate Chaplains
of America

Jeff Patton

Spilman, Thomas
& Battle, LLC


Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc.

Coke Consolidated is the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States.  Our Purpose is to honor God, serve others, pursue excellence, and grow profitably.  For 121 years, we have been deeply committed to the consumers, customers and communities we serve and passionate about the broad portfolio of beverages and services we offer.  We make, sell and distribute beverages of The Coca-Cola Company and other partner companies in more than 300 brands and flavors across 14 states and the District of Columbia to over 60 million consumers.


t-factor On Demand Platform (Coming Soon)

Join us on our t-factor on demand platform and hear Frank Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Consolidated share our transformation journey, of how we strive to be an organization that Honors God In All We Do along with key leaders of our team who have assisted in creating our purpose-driven corporate culture. Learn the importance of defining your Purpose and culture, how to operationalize your Purpose, legalities of faith in the workplace, teammate recruitment and retention in a faith-friendly culture, the importance of giving, chaplaincy and next steps.

This is a free 24/7/365 event.



Future In Person Events


Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Wake Forest, NC

April 24, 2024

Purpose Summit

Charlotte, NC

April 30, 2024

Highland Park United Methodist Church

Dallas, TX

September 5, 2024

Mexico Summit

Mexico City




Future Hosted Virtual Events

Polished Network & The Rooted Sisters

February 21, 2024



Christian Business Men’s Connection USA

May 16, 2024

Connecting Business & Marketplace
to Christ International

Available in English/Spanish/Korean Translations

July 23, 2024

His Way at Work


Operations Team

Mark Whitacre

 Vice President

Melissa Blalock

 Business Culture Manager & Chaplaincy Liaison


We would like to hear from you as you build a faith-friendly, servant-based and purpose-driven culture. Please provide your questions and comments so our team can answer them as quickly as possible.

Phone: (704) 557-4281


“Your work for the Lord in and through Coke Consolidated was truly a blessing to see last week. You have an extraordinary team to put on display at the t-factor Summit and I hope you will continue to spread your influence around the nation and the world.”

“Among your many insightful comments, I found most compelling your discussion of the Biblical mandate for growth. To be able to spread your servant leadership model across more territories and more employees is not only a blessing for you, but brings Glory to the Lord.”

“Powerful opportunity.”

“I was absolutely blown away!”

“Best use of my time in a very long time.”

“Inspired me to dig deeper.”

“Thank you for a compelling and challenging twenty-four hours.”


Countries Attended


Employees Represented

Advisory Council

Frank Harrison

Coca-Cola Consolidated

Dave Katz

Coca-Cola Consolidated

Jane Cooper

Herschend Family Entertainment

Dr. Bill Jones

Columbia International University

Stick Williams

Retired – Duke Energy

Ernesto Silva

Coca-Cola FEMSA – Mexico

Ralph Pitts

Retired – Belk Corporation

Larry Griffith

Corporate Chaplains of America

Featured Resource

The Transformation Factor

 Our #1 Resource recommendation to assist you with your transformation journey is The Transformation Factor book by Frank Harrison, Chairman & CEO of Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc.

Highlighted Partner

For over a decade, Open Eyes has connected donors to the most difficult places on earth, transforming lives among unreached communities and people in the most remote villages.


Our Story

Over twenty years ago Frank Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Consolidated, began transforming the culture of his company by choosing a purpose “To Honor God In All We Do, by serving others, pursuing excellence and growing profitably.”

Today, Coca-Cola Consolidated has become the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the U.S. Culture matters.

Our Purpose

t-factor is a Coca-Cola Consolidated training initiative whose purpose is, “To transform workplace cultures around the world for good, for God, for growth.”